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Papa's Freezeria Game

Papas Freezeria

If you are ready to make delicious sundaes for your customers, let me introduce you the latest edition of the extremely popular Papa's Freezeria game. In this game you will run the sundaes restaurant and make different desserts according to the order sheets. There are several basic steps how to make the ice cream ordered by your customer and the small tutorial mode at the beginning will teach you how to do this. The first and most basic step is to take the order from customer - he will tell you which toppings to use, how to create cream and so on. If you follow the instructions and make exactly what was ordered, you will receive high rating and tips. As you progress in the game, the number of visitors in your restaurant will increase so you will have to use all your skills to run the restaurant and make the customers happy.

In fact the Papa's Freezeria is pretty simple game while all actions in this game are done using the mouse pointer. You can activate different objects and devices, move the ice cream an so on with only one button. The most difficult is to make the sundaes when the number of customers is high and everyone is waiting for you. Just try not to make the mistakes and always take a look at the order sheet before making anything. Papas Freezeria is a fantastic game which is now available at our website for free. You can also browse some similar games and enjoy them.

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